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Nystrom & Markwardt: Providing information accurately and from reliable sources

Dean Markwardt
by Breanna Speth, Acting Director
Marshfield Community Media

Before the advent of smartphones, the Internet, and even VHS tapes, Marshfield residents Don Nystrom and Dean Markwardt realized the value of community television and got involved.  Thirty years later, they're still producing and hosting shows and they know public access television has made a difference in Marshfield.  

Nystrom served on the city's Common Council from 1976 - 1986 and was the appointed member of the city's cable TV Committee.  "My mission at the time was getting people more interested in and part of the decision-making in the city," said Nystrom. 

He quickly recognized the value of public access in informing and communicating with constituents.  "I think we became, initially, the C-SPAN of Marshfield -- providing more in-depth information that was of use to people who had an interest."

"Prior to that, the town existed on a limited amount of information, on newspapers or rumors...and the rumors were probably 75% of the information people got."

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Tri-County Communication Cooperative helps TCC-TV go HD!

By John Kelly, Director
Trempealeau County Community Television

At noon on Wednesday, December 17, Trempealeau County Community TV began cablecasting in HD!  TCC-TV is now the second community television station in the state to become viewable in HD (the other is River Cities Community Access on the Solarus system in Wisconsin Rapids).
The transition from SD (standard definition) to HD (high definition) could not have happened without the support of the Tri-County Communication Cooperative, the cable system that serves Trempealeau County.  In July 2015, TCC responded to inquiries about transitioning to HD by agreeing to set aside bandwidth and proposing to provide all of the technical support and half the funding needed to upgrade the equipment at both TCC-TV and the cable headend. Five months later, with the assistance of TCC system technicians, Matt Sluga and Jeff Norby, PEG access TV on channels 8 and 18 is viewable in either digital or HD.
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WWBIC logo

WWBIC partners with Kenosha Community Media to make business dreams come true

By Heather Lux
Regional Project Director, Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation

WWBIC is a statewide economic development corporation that has been “Putting Dreams to Work” since 1987.   As a non-profit often our biggest challenge is just getting people to know we are here and that we can help them make their dream of starting or expanding a business come true.  Partnering with Kenosha Community Media has had a big impact on our ability to reach the people we want to reach – that’s pretty much everyone with a business dream, particularly underserved populations.  

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City Manager's Report - Top 10 of 2015 showcases Oshkosh's accomplishments

By Emily Makowski
Communications Coordinator, Oshkosh Community Media Services

As every year comes to an end, it’s always fun to look back and celebrate the biggest and best things that happened. The annual special edition of “City Manager’s Report,” a 30-minute show produced by Oshkosh Community Media Services, does just that by counting down the Top 10 city projects and accomplishments for the year using video from the archives. Hosts City Manager Mark Rohloff and I start the show off with number 10 and work our way up.

Oshkosh ribbon cutting

2015 was a great year for Oshkosh, and Mark and I had plenty to talk about, including storm water projects, neighborhood updates, and Riverwalk progress. The hard part was picking out which ones to choose!  It always takes a few weeks of preparation. Once the events are selected and the script is honed, the show is shot straight through from beginning to end.

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Charter to take over TW and Brighthouse

How will community TV fare if Charter
takes over Time Warner?

The vast majority of Wisconsin cable subscribers may soon be served by “New Charter,” a company created when Charter purchases Time Warner and Brighthouse - if they receive approval from the FCC and the Department of Justice.  New Charter would be the second largest operator in the country after Comcast. 

WCM has surveyed its members about their satisfaction with their video providers and on November 12 submitted the results in comments to the FCC in Docket MB 15-149. Compressed version of FCC Comments in MB 15-149.

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Kenosha Community Media turns 30!

Kenosha Community Media is celebrating its anniversary!  The non-profit public access center is marking 30 years serving Kenosha County residents and non-profit organizations.
John Bloner, the City of Kenosha’s Technology & Media Specialist, is excited about the future of community television in Kenosha, noting that KCM is always busy, six days a week, providing access to the studio, field camcorders, and editing equipment to those who have taken KCM’s video production training. Besides helping non-profits, KCM staff also covers community events like the 4th of July Parade, symphony concerts, community-wide spelling bees, and most recently, the construction of the Kenosha Dream playground, a fully-accessible play area for children of all abilities.
KCM will be thanking its volunteers with a reception and then throwing a party with music, dancing, casino games, raffle prizes and more.  “It's a Boo-tiful Night" will be held at the Woman's Club of Kenosha on Saturday, October 24th from 6:30-10:00 pm.

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Talking Fitchburg

 Live daily show is Talking Fitchburg

To catch up on what’s going on in Fitchburg, tune in to FACTv’s Talking Fitchburg.  It’s a new hour-long show seen weekdays at 9 a.m.

Modeled after morning talk shows, Talking Fitchburg hosts Preston Schmit and Jeremy Crosby use a radio-style set-up to meet with guests from the city, local businesses, the schools, and area non-profits. 

If you miss it on Charter’s channel 985 or on AT&T’s ch. 99 clickable website, you can view it streaming live on the City of Fitchburg’s website.  Some segments will also be posted in its Video-on-Demand archives and on YouTube.

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Dr. Ramel Smith on the field

Asque the Blaquesmith answers a need

By 2007, licensed psychologist Dr. Ramel Smith had come to the realization that there was a great need to get more mental health information out to the public.  Too many people with mental health issues were not walking into a doctor’s office.  For some, it was a transportation issue.  For others, the cost was prohibitive. Still others did not want the stigma of mental illness. 

Then Dr. Smith learned about MATA Community Media and he got an idea for a monthly show.  At first Asque the Blaquesmith stuck solely to mental health issues, covering depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and the importance of exercise.  Over the last eight years, the half-hour show has evolved to talk about issues that affect people’s everyday lives such as managing money, building relationships, and communicating effectively. 

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