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Public access TV logo   YOUR VIDEO PRODUCTION


Would you like to learn video production?  Do you have a show you'd like to distribute state-wide?  Our member centers have filled out the survey below indicating that they are "public access centers" and are open for use by the public.  You can now search their answers to:
  • Find out where you can play your video,
  • Where you can get video production training, and
  • Where you can get assistance to produce programs.


  • Click on just one or two items for best results.
  • Use this search as a starting point. Each media center will have specific rules regarding production and playback. 


Community programming services

Copies of programs available free
Copies of programs sold
Produce programs for non-profits at no charge
Produce programs for non-profits at a reduced rate
Produce some programs for businesses at no charge
Produce programs for businesses for a fee
Produce programs for local gov't
Produce community programming
Produce for local school district
Play programs produced elsewhere
Assist in the production of programs
Plus more!

Programming produced by station professionals
Programming accepted at the discretion of the manager
Accepts programs produced by residents
Accepts programs produced by non-residents
See written policies

Video Production Training

No training offered
Use of social media
Studio production
Field production
Post-production (editing)
Media Literacy
Shot composition

Public access to equipment
No public access to equipment
Editing bay
Computer graphics
Field equipment
Meeting Room wired for video