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Thursday, November 16, 2017 02:32 PM

Advocate to Update Community TV

On October 4, WCM members participated in our first-ever Advocacy Day at the Capitol.  Our members visited legislators and explained our three legislative priorities.  It was a wonderful day of meetings.  Many had the chance to speak directly to their assembly members or senators; others explained our legislative goals to attentive legislative staff.  All in all, our message was well-received and we look forward to growing these relationships in the coming weeks and months.   Here's what we talked about:
Summary of the three legislative priorities.


Policy Proposal 1:  Require cable companies to include Community TV program listings in the Electronic Program Guide so viewers can find out what's on community TV and record programs.
More information on EPG.

Policy Proposal 2:  Require video service providers to transmit Community TV channels with the same quality as the local broadcast stations in the line-up.  Despite the fact that most Community TV is produced in HD, nearly all community TV is aired in SD and viewers are "turned off."
More information on HD.

Policy Proposal 3:  Wisconsin Community Media wants to do something about MATA and other community media centers who need dedicated funding - funding that does not have to compete with other priorities of city government -- funding directly from the cable TV subscribers they serve -- a fee for service.  Our Policy Proposal 3 would enable local governments to assess a 0.25% Community TV Fee on cable TV monthly bills by passing a local ordinance.
More information on the fee for service.

The need for this legislation stems from passage of Wisconsin 2007 Act 42 that harmed community TV.
More information about current state law regarding community TV. 

More information about WCMMember media centers.

Please help community TV! 
If you enjoy your community media center and its local programming, please call or email your state legislator (find them here: Who are my Legislators? ). Tell them to support WCM's policy proposals. It matters more when YOU call or write your legislator.  It puts "wind under our wings" when we talk to legislators because they know this issue matters to their constituents. 

Here's what YOU can say to your legislator: 

I am contacting you about community television.  Wisconsin Community Media is proposing three fixes to current law that will enable community television to be more effective in serving our community. 

First, cable companies should be required to put Community TV program listings in the Electronic Program Guide so subscribers can find and record community programs. 

Second, Cable companies should carry Community TV in HD.  The way it's transmitted now discourages me from watching it because of the fuzzy reception. 

Third, I'd like to support Community TV through my cable TV subscription.  I think cities should be given the option to add a small user fee to cable bills. 

Please work with WCM to get legislation introduced.  Thank you. 

We are looking for bi-partisan sponsorship of this bill. 

Contact Executive Director Mary Cardona at 608-215-5594 or at [email protected].