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Thursday, January 28, 2016 01:12 PM

Tri-County Communication Cooperative helps TCC-TV go HD!

By John Kelly, Director
Trempealeau County Community Television

At noon on Wednesday, December 17, Trempealeau County Community TV began cablecasting in HD!  TCC-TV is now the second community television station in the state to become viewable in HD (the other is River Cities Community Access on the Solarus system in Wisconsin Rapids).
The transition from SD (standard definition) to HD (high definition) could not have happened without the support of the Tri-County Communication Cooperative, the cable system that serves Trempealeau County.  In July 2015, TCC responded to inquiries about transitioning to HD by agreeing to set aside bandwidth and proposing to provide all of the technical support and half the funding needed to upgrade the equipment at both TCC-TV and the cable headend. Five months later, with the assistance of TCC system technicians, Matt Sluga and Jeff Norby, PEG access TV on channels 8 and 18 is viewable in either digital or HD.TCC (based in Strum, Wisconsin) and TCC-TV have a long history of serving the residents of Trempealeau and Jackson Counties that spans four decades.  Originally founded to connect educators and students for distance learning over closed circuit networks, TCC-TV grew into a full-fledged public access center equipped with the latest technology in part with the help of a federal grant it received for developing communications in rural areas of the country.  Residents have come to know and rely on TCC-TV for complete local event coverage, insights into local government, and educational programming catering to local needs and interests.  The commitment to serving the area’s seven school districts also remains strong.  TCC’s broadband system interconnects TCC-TV and the districts using video-over-IP.  

Offering PEG programs in HD gives TCC the chance to not only meet the expectations of its subscribers, but also to demonstrate once again the strong partnership between TCC, TCC-TV and the community.