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Community Television

McCausland's U.S. Community Access TV Providers (crowdsourced document) A national online program sharing site for PEG access television stations

Wisconsin Legislature

Home Page for information about legislators and legislation

U. S. Senate

Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation
Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet

U.S. House

Committee on Energy and Commerce
Subcommittee on Communications and Technology
  This site links to individual representatives, current legislative activities, committee work, and more.

Federal Communications Commission  The Federal Communications Commission regulates cable television, broadcast television and radio, satellite communications, telephone and other cell tower and wireline services.



TeleCommUnity -  TeleCommUnity is an alliance of local governments and their associations which are attempting to refocus attention in Washington on the principles of federalism and comity for local government interests in telecommunications.
Alliance for Community Media - ACM is the national organization to which many community media centers (public, education, and government (PEG) access centers) belong in order to act in concert on national issues and network.
American Community Television - ACT is a national organization dedicated to the passage of the CAP Act (Community Access Preservation Act) and lobbying on behalf of PEG.
National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors - NATOA is the national organization for government officials and staff involved in making decisions about telecommunications issues on the local level (cell tower siting, municipal broadband, cable franchising) and PEG.