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      Join the Producer Network

If you are a producer and have video production skills that you would like to put to work, consider joining the WCM Producer Network!

The Producer Network is being established to make three key connections:

  • Connect producers with people who need shows produced
  • Connect producers with other producers who are working in the community media and independent video production fields. 
  • Provide a way for producers to promote and distribute their programs through Wisconsin's network of access channels.

When you join WCM as a Friend for $25/year, you can opt to be placed on two lists found on our public website.  These lists will include your name, e-mail, and website.  The public will also be able to click on your profile and learn even more about you.  These lists are found in our primary navigation as:

  • Links to Our Friends
  • Find a Producer For Your Show 

In addition, you can become a member of our producer network that interacts using a Facebook-like service called the Producer Circle.  This network of producers can communicate directly with each other.

Finally, as a Friend of WCM, you will receive our regular e-mails, you may serve on our committees, and you will pay member rates on events and the fest.  In addition, you will be able to access the Members Area of the website, which contains more resources and allows you to join the conversation on the listserv and forums.  

The Producer Network is still in its infancy.  To become one of the first to join, click here.