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Wisconsin Video Providers

What channel is my station on?  Every cable system features the local channels in different locations.  Currently, if you have cable television and if your community operates a channel, you will be able to see it on the line-up.  If you have digital cable, the electronic guide lists the channels, but except for Madison City Channel, the guide does not list the programming on the channel nor will your DVR record the programming.  This makes it harder to connect viewers with programming.  Many of our stations list their program schedule on their website.

On Charter Cable, your stations are visible in two ways. If your old-style television is connected directly to the coaxial cable, you are using analog tuning and your local channels are somewhere in the 90s. If you have a newer-style television that supports digital cable, or if you rent a tuner or DVR from Charter, then you can see the Public Affairs Neighborhood block of channels in the 980s and 990s. You should be able to receive about a dozen community channels from your region of Wisconsin.

On Time Warner Cable look for local community programming on 14 and 96. 

On Comcast look for local community programming on channels 6 and 16.

On Solarus look for local community programming on channel 3.

On AT&T U-Verse it takes some time to get to the local channels.  First, go to channel 99.  Once there, look for a menu option that allows you to select community programming.  Once in the community programming area, select a city.  Then a menu will come up listing the local stations available in the city.  Select the station you want to watch.  The program should load after about 15 - 30 seconds.  When you want to stop watching the program, you need to back out from the program through the menu process.  This takes about 20 seconds. 

This cumbersome way of viewing community television is being challenged at the FCC by community television advocates on several grounds. 

This is a great interactive map showing where Uverse has rolled out.