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See "Benefits of Membership" for all our benefits and services!

WCM offers local governments, school districts, college campuses, and non-profit community “PEG” centers professional services, training and networking in the community media field. 

LPFM radio.  Since 2016, WCM has offered Station Memberships to stand alone LPFM radio stations.  WCM is moving into this area because currently seven of our members are also managing LPFM stations.  For more information on the introductory rate for LPFM station members, see the link below.

When you join WCM as a Station Member, the entire staff of your center (volunteer and paid), your oversight board, city or school elected officials and administrators plus any community producers who pay an annual fee to belong to your media center, are also members of WCM and can receive the benefits of membership.

As a Station Member of WCM, you are part of a group of dedicated professionals working to make community television succeed every day.  You no longer have to reinvent the wheel, wonder what’s going on in the legislature, or take on daunting challenges on your own.  You are part of a strong network of community media stations working together for the benefit of all.

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LPFM Radio Introductory Memberships - benefits and rates for 2017